A New Frontier


Skies America Digital Media Solutions department was established in 2010 as our answer to a question everyone’s been asking: Just where is the publishing industry headed? We envision a world of interactive magazines that complement their print brethren, raising all bars across the industry. The publication’s message is amplified, the reader’s experience becomes more profound, and the advertiser’s impact is felt on a deeper level. We firmly believe that publications that embrace the digital revolution don’t merely survive—they thrive.

After dipping our toe in the publishing realm, Skies America has jumped into other ponds across the digital domain, including consumer and restaurant apps. We take pride in showing our clients not only what exists on the market today, but what they can expect to see tomorrow.


Web Design / Content Management Systems

To succeed in this economy, a quality web site is as mandatory as a sound business plan. Skies America can build a site from scratch or run a full analysis to revamp your current site. Do you need to incorporate a Content Management System? Re-design the look and feel to meet current standards? We can work the nuts and bolts back-end side, or make the front door as inviting as possible, with full design, animation and functionality. After all, regardless of where your site needs work, the final goal is the same: to make your site work best for you, and your visitor.


iPad / Tablet Apps

There’s no disputing that the tablet represents the future of technology. In fact, the odds are good you’re reading this on an iPad or tablet computer right now. The Nielsen Company recently reported that 77% of tablet owners use their device for actions they would have previously used on a laptop or desktop computer.

Skies America’s App Development wing harnesses that energy. Under our watch, what was once a static magazine becomes an interactive experience. Communication flows not only from editor to reader, but back again. We design native iPad and tablet apps that stir in all sorts of rich media: slideshows, video content, animation, surveys, questionnaires and more. The result? Articles are more fulfilling. The experience is more personal. The message has more power. And your connection with your reader is forever stronger.


Smartphone Apps

The smartphone has become the iconic tool of the 21st century. Which means our developers know exactly how to put your publication in the palm of your reader’s hand, either in a scaled-back, smartphone-friendly version or a full, subscription-based rollout. If you have a fundraising aspect to your operation, we can include text donations. If your publication has mapping needs, we can incorporate geo-location programs. In fact, our developers can take advantage of any smartphone hardware functions available to spread your message—and your brand.


Digital Online Editions

Want to give your publication a truly global audience without requiring extra equipment or software? Our digital online editions are the answer. We have scoured the market to find the best software for truly accessible and easy-to-navigate digital editions, with easy page flipping, one-click navigation, point-and-zoom features and more. We include every interactive feature possible—videos, slideshows, music and links—to make your publication come alive on any computer in the world that has access to the Internet.