One Client At A Time


Skies America Print and Digital Media Solutions was founded in 1979 as a custom publisher specializing in inflight magazines. After working for airline clients like Northwest, Braniff and Midway, we expanded our horizons. Over the years we’ve published everything from trade/association magazines to bilingual tourism guides; from fine arts pubs to NBA basketball magazines; from coffee table books to catalogs. We’ve done it all.

Skies America is here to stay.
In our three decades of business, we’ve enjoyed record-setting growth, weathered downturns and even built our business in the toughest of times. In 2010 we embarked on our latest venture, DigiTab Media, to lead our clients into the future of digital publishing. DigiTab has quickly grown to create online editions and native iPad apps for our clients’ publications, and has expanded its portfolio with clients all its own.

Skies America is the right size.
We’re big enough to have the experience, business savvy and volume to leverage vendors for cheaper, quicker and better performance. But we aren’t so big that we house the burdens, overhead and red tape of a massive communications company. Our staff works together to be smart, nimble and attentive to each and every client we have.

Skies America puts the client first.
Our core business philosophy has always been that the client comes first. From top management through editorial, design, ad sales, printing and distribution, our staff understands that custom publishing is a true partnership, and everyone succeeds when the client is happy. Our long-term relationships make our engine hum. In fact, the average length of our current client relationships is at 8 years and counting.


Edit / Design

Publishing trends come and go, but content will always be king. Our editors, writers, designers and photographers fully understand that riveting editorial and unique design make the difference between good and great publications. And the best part of the job is finding the right way to pique our readers’ attention while satisfying our clients’ needs.



The best editorial content is clean, crisp and surprising. It needs a journalist’s curiosity, a novelist’s insight and a copy editor’s eagle eye. Our editorial team is proud to excel at each. We’ve interviewed celebrities, CEOs and athletes. We’ve translated industry jargon into plain speak. We’ve written long-form profiles and travel pieces and short-hit, consumer-facing ad copy. If it involves words, we use the right writers to make it sing.


Design / Photography

The best story means nothing without a great art department. Which is why Skies America has on-staff photographers and an assortment of designers with aesthetics and personalities all their own. We’ve shot portraits, landscapes and products. We’ve redesigned magazines, created brand identities and redesigned websites. We know that every project has a unique set of challenges, and we love to solve them in color, shape, size and angle.


Ad Sales

Loyalty. It’s an old-fashioned concept, but in this era of attitudes it’s something we pride ourselves on. Tenacity and dedication are other words often used to describe Skies America’s sales and marketing team, which works tirelessly to increase ad sales, develop long-lasting client relationships and introduce innovative ways to build ad revenue.

Whether our client is a publication with ad space to fill or an agency looking for the right media buy, our inside and outside ad sales teams work every angle to create advertising packages that hit the right mark—in the right market.


Collateral Material

Our collection of collateral projects grows with every new client request. On the print side, we’ve created media kits, convention materials, subscription cards, promotional letters, maps, banners, notepads, note cards and more. But we’re not limited to 2-D items. We’ve overseen buck slips, polybag inserts, T-shirts, posters, bags. If the project involves communication in any form, we can do it.



If great printing was only about ink on paper, anyone could do the job. But we’re not just anyone. We have worked with the country’s biggest printers on large-scale circulations of 350,000 and above per month, down to quarterly runs of 2,000. We have relationships with printers that go back 20-plus years. What does it all mean? We know the printing industry from the print floor to the corner office. And we know paper companies. We can leverage our relationships to get better pricing, better service and more choices than our competitors. Our clients receive our expertise on all aspects of the printing process: recommendations on paper weight and quality, layout efficiency, binding options, distribution solutions, environmentally sound choices and much more.


Call Center / Fulfillment

In early 2009, Skies America opened a full-service fulfillment and call center to handle the processing and shipping of the New York Yankees publication and Fan Club orders, and it has grown into a cornerstone of our business. Our call center, located here in the United States with native English speakers, uses a series of systems to maintain high performance on both sides of the transaction.


Circulation / Distribution

Buckslips. Lift letters. Ghost subscriber files. Our circulation department lives in this world, relying on specialized software and 30 years of experience to maintain—and in many cases grow—subscriber bases while keeping costs low. We generate new business through methods that make sense to each client, whether it’s a direct mail campaign or a social media blitz. We also partner with the U.S. Postal Service to use the most efficient delivery rates, and audit our clients’ qualifications to mail at the proper class of postage on monthly, quarterly or even irregular schedules. The bottom line? Our clients use our expertise without needing an in-house circulation department. And it works. In one case, we increased our client’s circulation base one hundred-fold in two years.